IconBuilder Interface Reference

Allows to create an ico file. More...

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Public Member Functions

 Add ([in] VARIANT Image,[in, defaultvalue(TRUE)] VARIANT_BOOL Transparent,[in, defaultvalue(0)] ULONG X,[in, defaultvalue(0)] ULONG Y)
 Adds an image to the list.
 Save ([in] BSTR FileName)
 Creates the ico file.
 Clear ()
 Clears the list.

Detailed Description

Allows to create an ico file.


Member Function Documentation

Add ( [in] VARIANT  Image,
[in, defaultvalue(TRUE)] VARIANT_BOOL  Transparent,
[in, defaultvalue(0)] ULONG  X,
[in, defaultvalue(0)] ULONG  Y 

Adds an image to the list.

Image Specifies the Image. This parameter can be:
  • a File name.
  • an Picture object.
X Specifies the x-coordinate of the cursor's hot spot.
Y Specifies the y-coordinate of the cursor's hot spot.
Transparent The icon will be transparent, top-left pixel defines the transparent color.
See also:
An ico file can contain several images at multiple sizes.

Clear (  ) 

Clears the list.

Save ( [in] BSTR  FileName  ) 

Creates the ico file.

FileName file name.

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