VBScript (Microsoft Visual Basic Scripting Edition).


Set wso = WScript.CreateObject("Scripting.WindowSystemObject")

wso.EnableVisualStyles = true

Set form = wso.CreateForm(0,0,0,0)
form.ClientWidth = 150
form.ClientHeight = 100

Set button = form.CreateButton(10,10,75,25,"Close")

button.OnClick = GetRef("ButtonClick")

Sub ButtonClick(this)
End Sub




See also:
More examples in the Demo\VBScript folder.
First we need to create WindowSystemObject object:

Set wso = WScript.CreateObject("Scripting.WindowSystemObject")

Next we need to create a form and controls.

We use Show method to show the form.

The Run method starts message loop.

Example 2:

'WindowSystemObject (WSO) example
'Copyright (C) Veretennikov A. B. 2004

Set o = WScript.CreateObject("Scripting.WindowSystemObject")

Set f = o.CreateForm(0,0,650,400)

Sub MouseMove(this,x,y,flags)
	this.Form.StatusBar.item(0).Text = CStr(x)+" x "+CStr(y)
End Sub

Sub MouseExit(this)
	this.Form.StatusBar.item(0).Text = "No Mouse In Control"
End Sub

Sub MouseUp(this,x,y,Button,Flags)
	this.Form.MessageBox "MouseUp "+CStr(x)+" x "+CStr(y)+", Button = "+CStr(Button)
End Sub

Sub KeyDown(this,Key,Flags)
	If ((Key <> 27) And (Key <> 112)) Then this.Form.MessageBox "KeyDown "+CStr(Key)
End Sub

Sub ButtonClick(this)
	this.Form.MessageBox "Button "+this.Text+": OnClick"
End Sub

int CanCloseVar

Sub OKResult(this)
	CanCloseVar = 1
End Sub

Function CanClose(Sender,Result)

CanCloseVar = 0

Set CanCloseDialog = f.CreateDialogForm(0,0,510,100)
CanCloseDialog.TextOut 10,10,"Do you really want to quit this program?"

Set YesButton = CanCloseDialog.CreateButton(10,30,75,25,"Yes")
YesButton.OnClick = GetRef("OKResult")
YesButton.Default = true

Set NoButton = CanCloseDialog.CreateButton(90,30,75,25,"No")
NoButton.OnClick = GetRef("CloseFormHandler")
NoButton.Cancel = true

Set HelpButton = CanCloseDialog.CreateButton(170,30,75,25,"Help")
HelpButton.OnClick = GetRef("HelpAbout")

CanCloseDialog.HelpButton = HelpButton
CanCloseDialog.Color = &H00FF00FF

If CanCloseVar = 1 Then Result.Put(true) Else Result.Put(false)

End Function

Set Button = f.CreateButton(10,10,75,25,"Demo")

Button.AddEventHandler "OnClick",GetRef("ButtonClick")

Set CancelButton = f.CreateButton(100,10,75,25,"Close")
CancelButton.OnClick = GetRef("CloseFormHandler")

f.CreateStatusBar().Name = "StatusBar"
f.StatusBar.Add(100).AutoSize = true
f.OnMouseMove = GetRef("MouseMove")
f.OnMouseLeave = GetRef("MouseExit")
f.OnMouseUp = GetRef("MouseUp")
f.OnKeyDown = GetRef("KeyDown")
f.OnCloseQuery = GetRef("CanClose")

Set Text1 = f.TextOut(10,60,"WindowSystemObject")
Text1.Font.Size = 16
Text1.Color = 255
Text1.Font.Bold = true

f.TextOut 10,100,"This sample shows how to handle events from WindowsSystemObject using VBScript."+vbCr+vbCr+"Clicking any mouse button invokes OnMouseUp event handler."+vbCr+vbCr+"Moving mouse inside this window invokes OnMouseMove event handler."+vbCr+vbCr+"(The current mouse position is displayed in the status bar)"+vbCr+vbCr+"Moving mouse outside this window invokes OnMouseLeave event handler."+vbCr+vbCr+"Clicking Demo or Close buttons invokes OnClick event handler."+vbCr+vbCr+"Pressing any key invokes OnKeyDown event handler."+vbCr+vbCr+"Try to close this window to invoke OnCloseQuery event."

Set FileMenu = f.Menu.Add("File")
FileMenu.Add("Exit",27).OnExecute = GetRef("CloseFormHandler")

Set HelpMenu = f.Menu.Add("Help")
HelpMenu.Add("About","F1").OnExecute = GetRef("HelpAbout")



Sub HelpAbout(Sender)
End Sub

Function StartupDir()
	Dim s
	s = WScript.ScriptFullName
	s = Left(s,InStrRev(s,"\"))
	StartupDir = s
End Function

Sub WSOHelp(Sender)
	Set shell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
	shell.Run """"+StartupDir() + "..\..\wso.chm"+""""
End Sub

Sub AboutWSO_OnHitTest(Sender,x,y,ResultPtr)	
End Sub

Sub CloseFormHandler(Sender)
End Sub

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