From this site you can download:

WindowSystemObject (WSO), library that provides you with an easy way to create window interfaces using scripting languages such as JScript, VBScript, Perl, Python, Ruby and other.

CLB Search, full-text search engine library (currently only russian interface).

About author:

Veretennikov Alexander Borisovich

Alexander was born in Ekaterinburg, Russia, 1983.

Education: Ural State University, Ekaterinburg (, Mathematics and Mechanics faculty (, 2000-2006.

Candidate of physics and mathematics (~Ph.D), (2009).

Research: search engines, full-text indexing.

Areas of interest: scripting languages, web applications development, information storage and management.

Job: Ural Federal University, chair of calculation mathematics.


Note. In 2009 г. Ural State University had been converted to the Ural Federal University. Mathematics and Mechanics faculty had been converted to the Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science.